beyond the limit

AWR competition, Pulpit Rock Church | collaboration with Wision

The fog lies quietly over the fjord, mixing with the clouds, eating up the mountain above. The water is silent and gray. From the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of light from the summit of a cliff. It reaches out to me, challenging me to embark on a journey, setting a promise of answers to my questions.


The journey is a metaphor for the search in life, it is the willpower to take action in the research of your personal quest. At the end awaits the answer, the revelation, the enlightenment. To each his own. I reach the summit beaten but not defeated. With me, few others have reached their goal. No religion nor tradition unites us, just the pursuit of something larger than earthly life.

The pavilion stands on the edge of the cliff sailing the clouds like a ship, with a dynamic and daring movement towards the void. The structure portraits a crescendo in rhythm and intensity approaching the tower. The wind howls through the pavilion blowing up the textile covers, echoing the sound in the vast fjord below. The surrounding landscape flashes through the moving sheets.

I enter the pavilion, people have gathered conveying their attention to the centre where a visitor speaks about the significance of his journey. We are brought together by the draped roof which offers shelter, protection and a sense of safety. The roof becomes a wall which encloses a circular space. I enter through a slit, I am alone again. I leave sound, people, the world behind me. An object stands in the center of the space, illuminated from the light that flows over the textile from the circular opening above. A sense of quietude and peace takes me over as I realize it captures the essence of universe.


I prepare to undertake the last part of my journey. As I walk along the lateral aisle the world outside becomes more distant and fades away. Three steps await, I follow them up and stop. I take a deep breath, let go of everything that was holding me back and step over the edge. I have pushed myself over the limit of the earthly bounds and raised into the spiritual realm. As I leave the cliff and my life behind me air rushing from below my feet lifts me up towards the light above. The sound of the howling wind fills and bounces off the walls of the tower I am standing in. Light flickers above me as the metal disk spins wildly. I look down to the cliff that plunges far down into the lake and feel weightless.




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© Steffie de Gaetano 2016