the equilibrium chair

shape study & Panamarenko

An object becomes a chair once you sit on it. The person and the object, together create the chair. Therefore the relationship of a chair and a person is a collaboration between the two. The investigation of the balance of the two parts, object and person, resulted in the design of the 'equilibrium' chair. Both parts have to equally contribute to create a functioning chair. Equilibrium would be created between the two, engaging the user in an active collaboration with the chair. The relationship between the person and the chair could create a personal connection between the two.

The shape of the chair allows the person to comfortably sit in it and at the same time creates the possibility of movement, which gives the idea of equilibrium another interesting dimension: the slight swinging, enriches the experience of finding your balance when sitting in it. The designed shape would cause the chair with the person sitting on it to be out of balance, due to the mass of the user being positioned behind the centre of gravity of the chair. Visually the chair tricks you into thinking it is out of balance, instead, a hidden counterbalance integrated in the chair provides the necessary stability.

Using some imagination the curves of the chair offer the possibility of using it in different sitting positions.

The final product resulted in a prototype for the 'equilibrium' chair, translating concept, shape, balance and interactions in a 1:1 wooden study model.


© Steffie de Gaetano 2016