urban villa

bachelor project

The concept for the design of the villa is based on a fluid sequence of spaces. Upon entering, the house unrolls from public on ground level, to semi-public at 1,5m elevation, until the private part of the villa on the first floor.

The public spaces flow one into another, the transition between entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room and library is fluent and the distinction between 'room' and secondary transition space cannot be made. On contrary, in the private part of the house there is a distinction between bedrooms, studio, bathroom and corridor. This ensures privacy among the inhabitants, and a vast social space for interactions with guests on the ground floor.

The concave walls create spaces which are oriented inwards, creating sitting areas that promote collective activities.

In the centre there is a light shaft, which provides light in the depths of the villa. The window openings oriented to the exterior have big sliding panels which filter the sun light. A large balcony adjacent to the bedrooms tops off the villa.


© Steffie de Gaetano 2016